Sunday, January 9, 2011

Simone Perele: Floralies 30B

I just purchased a Simone Perele bra from RueLala - Floralies size 30B.
Specs: partly lacey everyday bra (the side of the cups have a string of lace leading to the shoulder straps and also the front part of the band is laced) semi deep plunge cut, not padded, w/underwire in nude.   The RueLala sale price was ~$40

My reaction: I have tried this brand in store before and found that my regular 32A was too big in this brand. So one day while browsing on RueLala I saw them selling Perele Simon bras in smaller sizes! I decided to give this brand a try, but sizing down to a 30B, crossing my fingers that the cups are sized down properly for a 30 band. This bra is not padded, it is well made and has pretty lace details on the cups as well as the straps.

A stock picture for reference (I wish it looks like this on me :( ).

In real life

Unfortunately the 30B was still ill fitting.  It didn't do anything for me - no push up effect, no sculpting, nothing :(.. The band was still a little bit loose compared to the Angela bra (and I was already on the tightest hook!).  I believe that unlike the Angela's band the Floralies' band was made of a very stretchy material and therefore does not feel as form fitting and will most likely move up and down during the day.

band and strap close-up

 The cup was a bit large when I turn to the side I can see slight gapping and when I bent forward for the cup-fit test, I can see the slight gaps again.

When on, this bra seems to be flattening my chest rather than enhancing them; it is the way the bra is cut,  even though both bras are a deep plunge cut; the Angela bra hugs the breast whereas the Floralies bra engulfs the breast..

In my opinion this bra is not designed for small chested girls.  I'm disappointed because it is one of the few brands that offer petite sizing (sizes below 32A); unfortunately the cut and fit was not flattering at all.

 comparison between Angela 32A (top) and Floralies 30B (bottom)

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